Coronavirus Notice (COVID-19)

Posted by Bailey Yan on

Concerning issues with the COVID-19 virsus, we want to give all of our customers an update on the measures we are putting into place for Park Auto Motorsports.
COVID-19 foremost is a humanitarian issue for all of us and we're taking precautions very seriously. Given that we are  based in Kitchener, Ontario Canada and ship all our orders from our Canadian warehouse we can guarantee zero contamination of the COVID-19 virus. If the government decides that the warehouse should be closed for the COVID-19 protection, we will deliver a notice via email that all orders will be delayed until further notice (Please subscribe to our newsletters at the bottom of our website to recieve this notification). 
For the time being it is business as usual for Park Auto Motorsports and it is safe to order from us for all of your performance needs!
Thank you. Have a wonderful day!
~ Park Auto Motorsports 

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