MAP Sensor Replacement Plug with Leads

MAP Sensor Replacement Plug with Leads

Assembled by USP

  • $38.09 CAD

MFG# 1J0973704KT

It is common knowledge that components in a car’s engine compartment are exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time. Over time many of the vehicle’s electrical connectors become brittle and will easily break if you attempt to disconnect them. The MAP (manifold absolute pressure) Sensor plug is no exception. Depending on your vehicle, this sensor is either located on the factory intercooler or on the front intercooler. If you have attempted to unplug your MAP sensor and found the connector has broken, this kit is for you. Complete with a new connector and prewired leads you can easily replace your broken factory connector. This kit is also great if you need to extend your MAP sensor wire harness to accommodate a custom intercooler or piping.



Factory MAP Sensor Plug

12" long wire leads preinstalled in the connector

(3) Red butt connectors



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