Agency Power Intercooler Upgrade Audi A4 B9 2.0TFSI

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With any turbocharged vehicle, cooling is essential for the performance and efficiency of the engine. The air that is compressed by the turbocharger heats up, thus losing density and results in a loss of power. That is where the intercooler plays an important role. Since the intercooler is between the turbocharger and throttle-body, it allows the air to be cooled before it enters the intake. In turn, there will be power gains and higher efficiency rates all together when upgrading the intercooler. Having a bigger core creates more surface area for the outside air to flow through the fins and cool the dense air traveling through the intercooler.

Agency Power has developed an intercooler that is 57% larger than the factory. It utilizes much more of the real-estate behind the grill allowing for better cooling capabilities. With the additional cooling benefits, you will be able to turn up the boost confidently without having to worry about heat soak. During the hotter months of the year, it is important to keep your air intake temperatures cool to prevent pre-detonation. The factory core does not provide enough cooling through the brutal summer heat, especially for those of you wanting additional power as well. To help maximize the efficiency of this intercooler some fins are incorporated on the inside of the end tanks. This will allow the air entering to be channeled upwards to reach the top of the core. Since this intercooler is so massive the fins are designed to utilize every inch of the intercooler to cool down as much air as possible.

With other aftermarket intercoolers, they may require cutting and trimming of certain components to get the intercooler to fit. The Agency Power intercooler requires no modification to the vehicle and fastens to the factory crash bar bolts. The laser-cut brackets included with the kit are made out of stainless steel and are tig welded for rigidity. Along with the brackets, two m8 nuts will be provided. The reinforced brackets are plenty strong enough to keep this huge intercooler in place.


  • Bar and plate design core
  • Fins in the side tanks to guide air to the top
  • 57% larger than factory
  • Higher surface area
  • Lower intake temperatures
  • OE upgrade
  • No modification needed
  • 20% more air-flow
  • Increase in efficiency