KVW100 Window Roll Up/Down Reflash Module


  • $63.49 CAD


Control your windows and sunroof from your remote keyfob.
Finally, VW owners can control their windows and sunroof from their keyfob remote. This module is a onetime use reflash module that will reflash your car’s convenience module with new coding, allowing you to open and close your windows and sunroof with your keyfob remote. 
Installation is extremely simply and is done in seconds. Simply turn the key to the on position, plug the module into the OBD2 port, and wait until the module beeps twice (approximately 45 seconds). You can then unplug the module and you’re ready to go.
Your vehicle now will have the following features:
2002-2005 Golf, GTI, R32, Jetta 
2002-2009 New Beetle 
2003-2005 Passat 
One touch lock button: Car locks; windows and sunroof roll up and close automatically,
Lock and trunk buttons: Car locks; windows and sunroof maintain original position
Press and hold unlock: Car unlocks; windows roll down until button is released
1999.5-2001 Golf, GTI, Jetta 
1999.5-2001 New Beetle 
1998-2002 Passat 
Press and hold lock: Windows and sunroof roll up and close until button released
Press and hold unlock: Windows roll down until button is released
Please Note: These functions cannot be enabled with Vag-Com (VCDS). They can only be enabled with the KVW100.

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