Injen Air Intake System- Passat B7 2.5L (Black)

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The first performance modification you should make to the VW Passat needs to be the Injen SP Air Intake. By upgrading the air intake, you are allowing more air to flow into the engine, making the engine on the VW Passat to make more power. In fact, you will see power gains of 6.5 hp and 6.78 lb/ft torque to the wheels after installing the Injen SP Air Intake for VW Passat. By replacing the factory air intake system with the less restrictive bends and cone air filter of the Injen SP Air Intake, the VW Passat engine will work less, increasing power and improving the gas mileage. The Injen SP Air Intake for VW Passat is available in a polished silver and laser black finish.


- Removes restrictive bends and airbox of factory system

- Increases of 6.5 hp and 6.78 lb/ft torque

- Easy to install performance modification

- Injen SP intakes are World's first tuned intake system

- Improves gas mileage

- Includes all hardware and instructions for installation