Ultimate Stage 3 (Standard) Front Suspension Rebuild Kit | Mk4

$389.99 CAD

SKU: Mk4-STG3-SRK-STD Urotuning

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Freshen up your suspension with this Ultimate Stage 3 Front Suspension rebuild kit for any Mk4. It is HIGHLY recommended by Urotuning to change out these parts when doing an suspension install, failure to do may lead to looseness and spongy feeling steering even with your new stiff suspension kit installed. Make everything fresh and new and even better than from the factory with the R32 control arm bushings PRE-installed in the control arms ready for install!

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Control Arms with pre-installed bushings
  • (2) R32/TT Style Front Back Control Arm Bushings - 8N0407181B (Meyle HD)
  • (2) Front Control Arm Bushings
  • (2) Ball Joints - 1J0407365C/1J0407366C (URO Parts)
  • (2) Complete tie rods - 1J0422803B/1J0422804B (URO Parts)
  • (1) Upper Strut Mount Kit w/bearings and bushings (URO Parts)
  • (1) Heavy Duty Control Arm Bolt Kit - N10262202 (qty2), N90484004 (qty2)