1.8T Ultimate Rod Install Kit Early 058

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SKU: OEM-18T-RIK-058-ULT CTS Turbo

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This Ultimate rod install kit for 058 1.8T engines takes any guessing out of what is needed to install Integrated Engineering connecting rods into your 058 1.8T.  Ths kit includes the following components:

1- OE rod bearing set
1- Redline synthetic assembly lubricant
1- OE head gasket
1- OE head bolt set
1- Oil pan gasket
1- OE timing belt kit
1- OE water pump kit
1- OE piston ring set
1- Drain plug washer
2 - 1.5L bottles engine coolant

This kit is designed to be used with Integrated Engineering IERV-14420 in 058 engines.