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These TGV housings from Radium Engineering eliminate the restrictive butterflies for maximum airflow into the engine. Radium was also able to include some unique features that set these apart from other TGV housings on the market. Radium chose to die cast the housings to take advantage of design freedoms not available with other manufacturing techniques. This is the same manufacturing technique the OEMs use for many engine components. A clean slate design was created and optimized for weight and performance. The Radium TGV housings contain features, wall thicknesses and surface smoothness not possible with CNC machining. Additionally, an effort was made to remove unnecessary material to maximize clearance for large turbo inlet pipes.

It was a priority to make one part number compatible with a wide range of EJ engines. This makes purchasing and stocking much simpler. This was accomplished by using an eccentric center block. The green block can be flipped to accommodate the different bolt positions of some EJ intake manifolds. This clever feature reduces part number complexity and allows compatibility with all EJ TGV-style intake manifolds.

The Radium Engineering TGV housings feature a secret weapon that will interest any person building a high-power EJ engine. These TGV housings have the ability to use TWO fuel injectors per cylinder. This allows a highly tune-able fuel system that can produce high horsepower and still have excellent drivability.

The dual-port fuel rail, sold separately, is designed for high performance and features large 10AN ORB end ports and a top-side auxiliary 8AN ORB port. Like all Radium Engineering products, these fuel rails are E85 compatible.

The Radium Engineering TGV housings can easily be used in the standard single-injector-per-cylinder configuration, dual-injection is not required to take advantage of the benefits of these products. Every TGV housing is shipped with plugs installed in the second injector ports. These plugs are left in place for standard installations and removed for dual injector installations.

Application: Subaru EJ Engine Applications