SPULEN 1.8/2.0TSI Turbo Outlet Pipe with Turbo Muffler Delete

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MFG# SE-01301KT

  • Increases throttle response
  • Reduces turbo lag
  • Includes Spulen Turbo Muffler Delete
  • 2.25" Aluminum piping
  • OEM style bracket
  • Durable powdercoat finish

Spulen solves the problem of power lost to restricted turbo outlet pipes on 1.8T and 2.0T Audi / VW turbo engines, and USP Motorsports is pleased to offer this economical but highly effective Audi / VW performance aid.

Your turbocharged engine has potential horsepower and torque that lie untapped in the stock setup. The Spulen 1.8 / 2.0 TSI Turbo Outlet Pipe with Turbo Muffler Delete enables you to turn this potential into a very real power gain. The conversion takes little money to buy and little time to perform.

Spulen Outlet Pipe Advantages

The Spulen outlet pipes offer several advantages over the OEM pipes. The Spulen replacement:

  • Increases throttle response
  • Reduces turbo lag
  • Looks better than the stock pipe
  • Sounds more aggressive because it includes a turbo muffler delete
  • Adds durability

In a stock VW turbo, power is restricted for the very simple reason that airflow is restricted. The Spulen formula is simple: Eliminate the narrow factory turbo outlet pipe and turbo muffler, replacing them with wider, free-flow plumbing. The result is a faster delivery of more air from the turbo to the intake manifold. Remember, forced induction, more air means more oxygen, and more oxygen means more power.

Feel the Boost

You’ll sense the difference across the rev band, starting at low rpms because of the resultant increase in torque. The harder you step on it, the more you’ll feel the difference. You experience not only more power, but also improved drivability.

The Spulen Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit contains all the parts you need for a simple, quick installation:

  • CNC billet piece that replaces the stock turbo muffler
  • Viton O-ring to form a seal between the muffler delete and the turbo housing
  • 2.25-inch mandrel-bent aluminum piping
  • OEM style bracket
  • Custom silicone hose
  • Hose clamps

This kit exudes quality. The tight seal from the O-ring banishes leaks. That means no power loss of pressurized air, and no corresponding reduction of power. The powder coat finish on the aluminum tubing looks like it comes from the factory, and it stands up against heat, oil and dirt. The tubing is, in fact, stronger than the OEM pipe it replaces. The tapered design of the pipe and the aluminum muffler delete encourage undisturbed airflow.

Some connectors from the original turbo outlet setup will be reused for the installation of the Spulen turbo outlet kit.

Make Model Year Engine
Audi TT MK2 (2008-2015) 2.0 TSI
Audi A3 2005-2013 (8P) 2.0 TSI (FWD)
Volkswagen Tiguan (09-2011) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Tiguan (2012-2017) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Jetta MK5 (05.5-2010) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sedan (2011-2014) 2.0T GLI (2012-2013)
Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sportwagen (2010-2014) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK5 (06-2009) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK6 (10-2014) 2.0T
Volkswagen Eos ALL 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen CC (2009-2017) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Beetle Beetle (2012+) 2.0 TSI