SPULEN 2.0T FSI Silicone Breather Hose - Black

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Spulen is proud to offer an upgraded silicone breather hose for your 2.0T FSI. The factory hose is constructed out of corrugated plastic. Over time the plastic becomes extremely brittle from heat and breaks apart. The factory hose also uses snap connectors which commonly break during removal. 

The Spulen breather hose is constructed of 4 ply silicone that will not crack or break, even under the harshest conditions. The breather hose simply installs over the existing breather port on the PCV valve and oil filter housing and is secured in place with hose clamps. This eliminates the commonly broken snap connectors.

Compatible with all catch can systems that use the factory plastic breather hose.

4-ply silicone construction
Eliminates snap connectors
High strength hose clamps
(1) Silicone breather hose
(2) Hose clamps