Spulen MK7 GTI, A3, S3 Turbo Inlet Hose


  • $89.99 CAD

MFG# SE-050

Spulen is proud to offer an upgraded turbo inlet hose for your MK7 GTI and Audi A3/S3. The factory turbo inlet hose is constructed of weak plastic that can collapse under increased boost pressure and eventually break apart over time. The factory hose also has internal ridges which disrupt air flow. 
The Spulen turbo inlet hose is constructed of rigid 4 ply silicone that will not collapse, even under the highest boost pressures. Silicone is more durable than rubber and will not degrade or break down over time like rubber.  With a completely smooth interior, the SPULEN turbo inlet hose allows uninterrupted airflow into your turbocharger.
4-ply silicone construction
Smooth interior
High strength hose clamps
(1) Silicone inlet hose
(2) Hose clamps 

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