Spulen Ultimate Brake Vacuum Pump Delete Kit For 2.5L

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Spulen Ultimate 2.5L Brake Vacuum Pump Delete Kit
The braking system on your vehicle requires constant vacuum to assist in applying the brakes. Traditionally this vacuum is achieved by plumbing the brake booster to the engine’s intake manifold. This provides the needed vacuum to assist in applying the brakes.
However, vehicles equipped with the 2.5L engine do not receive vacuum from the intake manifold. Instead the 2.5L engine is equipped with an external vacuum pump to provide the necessary vacuum. The vacuum pump design has numerous disadvantages including decreased power output from increased parasitic engine drag, the pumps oil seals are prone to failure and cause significant oil leaks, and a replacement pump cost upwards of $350 for parts, and around $1100 if replaced at the dealership. 
The Spulen Ultimate Brake Vacuum Pump Delete Kit addresses all of these disadvantages. The Spulen kit eliminates the factory pump using a block off plate with a high temperature resistant o-ring. The brake booster is then plumbed to the intake manifold using custom silicone hoses. As an added benefit the included silicone hose replaces the factory plastic PCV hose which is prone to cracking.
What is the Ultimate Kit? 
Spulen has created this intricate and unique system that solves a problem that occurs on most 2.5L after a certain mileage. Our kit was first launched as an significantly cheaper alternative to a vacuum pump replacement. The Ultimate kit uses a highly chemical and temperature resistant O-ring along with cooling fins on the plate for a superior and complete kit. The O-ring replaces the gasket used on the previous version of the kit (SE-095). The cooling fins on the plate are also a Spulen exclusive for heat dispersion. The O-ring has been extensively tested through harsh and extreme environments to ensure a proper and durable seal. This kit also comes with Stainless steel, fully threaded socket head screw with a tensile strength of 70,000 psi. A 5mm Hex key required to install the (3) screws is also included, along with a pair of latex gloves. 
Complete installation instructions are available below and each kit includes all necessary hardware to eliminate the factory brake vacuum pump.
Replaces OEM part# 07K 145 100H
  • Complete Vacuum Pump Delete Kit
  • Includes new re-designed block off plate and O-ring
  • Removes leaking vacuum pump
  • Includes all needed hardware and silicone hoses