2016 Audi S3 CTS 550 BB 420WHP

Posted by Kevin Ardelean on

 This S3 owner was looking for a tune for his CTS Turbo BB-550 hybrid turbocharger to use in his daily driver 2016 Audi S3. We installed the turbo and a couple other bolt ons to go with it.

 We tuned it to 420WHP on 93 Octane gas with stock fueling. Keeping the boost low for the stock engine internals and daily driveability. Car is very smooth and makes for a great low 11 Second Daily.


- CTS 550 BB Turbo

- CTS Turbo Intercooler

- CTS Turbo Inlet

- CTS Downpipe With High Flow Cat

- CTS Turbo Intake

- RS7 Spark Plugs

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