Terms + Conditions

By purchasing on this website you agreeing to all the terms listed below:

1. There is a 7 day refund period for most unopened/unused parts starting from when the purchaser receives the parts which may be subject to a 15% or more restocking fee upon return. Refunds may not include already installed parts. Most special order items are unable to be returned. The customer is liable for any return shipping charges.

2. If the item is a special order or has to be ordered in, the order cannot be refunded fully after the order is placed and is subject to an 15%-30% restocking fee or more and any additional shipping charges. Some special orders are not able to be returned at all. CTS orders may be subject to a 5% cancellation fee due to processing charges.  All refunded orders may be subject to a 15%-30% restocking fee.

3.The customer is liable for the parts they purchase and to make sure they are correct for the vehicle they will be installed upon. Customers are also required to double check the parts listed on the invoice to make sure they will be receiving/ordering the correct parts.

4. Park Auto Motorsports and anyone associated to them are not in any way liable for any damages or losses caused by parts installed on vehicles.

5. All performance parts are strictly for off-road use only and Park Auto Motorsports is not in any way liable to abuse of this rule/ federal laws in place regarding performance or upgraded parts.

6. Any damages noticed on the parts sold must be made known to Park Auto Motorsports upon delivery of the goods. Damaged goods that are not reported within 24 hours of delivery are not eligible for returns or refunds.

7. If an order is placed with Paybright there is a 2% cancellation fee associated with the cancellation. All order cancellations may be subject to a 1% transaction fee.

8. The shipping cutoff for orders to be shipped out the same day is 3pm EST. Any orders placed after this time are typically shipped the next business day.