F30 2015 BMW 320i xdrive N20 Stage 2

F30 2015 BMW 320i xdrive N20 Stage 2

Kevin ArdeleanMay 8, '201 comment

Matt brought us his 320i xdrive in for a stage 2 tune and downpipe installation.

We first did some 0-100 testing to see where the car was at stock.


We managed to get 7.73 seconds with 2 passengers on 91 octane.


After installing the VRSF catless downpipe and our ECU tuning software to stage 2 we shaved off 2.57 seconds from the stock time. 91 Octane gas was used in both runs and 2 passengers.


Stage 2 Park Auto Motorsports N20 ECU Software

- VRSF Catless Downpipe

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joseph barrientos on May 13, '20

How much to install a n26 catless downpipe?

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