M240I B58 STAGE 3 VTT GC Turbo

M240I B58 STAGE 3 VTT GC Turbo

Kevin ArdeleanJul 8, '20

Need more power then on a full stage 2 car? This one comes with all available upgrades in the market for B58 engines: A full race-spec exhaust system, cold air intake kit, upgraded chargepipe, upgraded heat exchanger, upgraded hpfp from a Supra and a hybrid turbo from Vargas capable of making big power.

After the install we got down to tuning. This car ended up pushing 22psi and running low 11 second 1/4 mile with lots of help from the csf heat exchanger.

We also added an aggressive burble tune as the customer requested. Paired with the exhaust it shot flames and sounded like gun shots.

We also loaded our stage 3 custom transmision software to improve the launch and make the car shift much faster.


- Stage 3 Park Auto Motorsports ECU Software

- Stage 3 Park Auto Motorsports TCU Software

Agency Power short ram air intake


- VTT GC B58 Turbo

- Supra HPFP

- VRSF Catless Downpipe

- VRSF Charge Pipe

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