Custom Tuning

High quality tunes to increase your cars performance. Custom tuned to what you want or need. We can tune your car to max out your cars performance to gain the most HP and TQ out of your car. Or get a economy tune to increase little performance but save gas. You can even get in between, performance and economy. Its totally custom for your car.

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  1. Tuning the vehicles ECU chip should only be done if you are aware of potential consequences of which you take 100% responsibility of. Meaning whatever happens to vehicles engine and objects/lifeform that engine influences or impacts, as a result of you changing it's data, is entirely your cause and responsibility.

  2. Park Auto Motorsports will take no responsibility, no financial claims, no legal matters for any undesirable results of tuning your vehicle(s). That includes damage to vehicles engine or any other component, injured human/animal lifeform(s), death, or any kind of financial/monetary loss of your own or 3rd parties.