Cast Aluminum Coolant Hose Flange For 1.8T

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  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Replaces factory plastic hose flange which is a common area for leaks
  • Includes new o-ring
  • Fits automatic and manual transmission cars
Must replace water temp sensor o-ring N 903 168 02

The coolant hose flange is located on the driver side of the cylinder head and connects the radiator hoses to the cylinder head. The factory flange is constructed from plastic and overtime begins to warp and crack leading to coolant leaks. Until now your only option was to replace the factory hose flange with another plastic piece, delaying an inevitable coolant leak.

Introducing the Lager Parts Cast Aluminum Coolant Hose Flange. Constructed from cast aluminum this part is a direct replacement for the factory coolant hose flange. The factory coolant temperature sensor and all factory hoses mate seamlessly to the Cast Aluminum Coolant Hose Flange. Each Lager Parts Cast Aluminum Coolant Hose Flange is cast from aluminum and then carefully machined to exact tolerances. For the performance minded enthusiast a blank sensor boss is located on top of the Coolant Hose Flange giving you the ability to drill and tap a 1/8th or 1/4th inch port for a gauge sensor.

Fits both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

Replaces factory number 06A 121 132AP and 06A 121 132AH