Ignition Service Kit (2.5L)

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MFG# 06E905115EK5CL

Do you have a flashing check engine light or maybe your car has misfire codes? Either way, the likely culperate is a faulty coil pack or spark plug. USP has put together an ignition service kit complete with NGK spark plugs and new OEM coil packs. Solve those random misfires and hesitation problems caused by faulty coil packs. 

Coil packs are what give your vehicle the spark to make the power. If the spark is weak or nonexistent, power will decrease as your engine is misfiring or not utilizing a cylinder. To restore that lost power and eliminate the misfire, replace yours now. This service kit is a must for "chipped" or modified cars.


- (5) OEM coil packs

- (5) NGK BKR7E spark plugs