Timing Belt Kit (Deluxe) / Audi V6

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SKU: 1205 Assembled by USP

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MFG# 078198479V2TT+

The experts at USP have assembled this kit of all the necessities for your timing belt replacement. With everything that you need for job, it is guaranteed to go more smoothly.

Though not necessary according to Audi, USP has included a water pump and thermostat in this kit to make sure you will not have to open your timing belt cover later on to replace.

USP has also included the accessory drive belt. All these items included in the kit are reaching the end of their usable life. Best to do it now than later down the road.

Kit Includes:

- Timing belt
- Idler roller
- Tensioner roller
- Hydraulic tensioner
- Relay lever for hydraulic tensioner
- Water pump
- Cam seals (2)
- Crank/Oil pump seal
- Thermostat
- Thermost O-Ring
- Accessory drive belt
- Two 1.5 Liter bottles of G12 coolant