Audi 4.2L Complete Timing Chain Kit

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Assembled by USP SKU: 4167

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MFG# 079109TCK

Audi’s 4.2L V8 is a complex engine driven by a series of chains connecting the camshafts, crankshaft, and intermediate shafts. In order for the timing system to function, the timing chains ride on a series of guide rails and are tensioned by several hydraulic adjusters. As the engine begins to age, guide rails begin to deteriorate and hydraulic adjusters no longer provide the same tension they once did. This causes excessive slack on the timing chains and will create a distinctive noise in the engine compartment. Eventually a catastrophic failure will occur, leading to very costly repairs.

USP has carefully assembled a complete timing chain kit which includes all the components needed to restore your engine’s timing system to its original state. USP recommends performing a timing chain service at approximately 105,000 miles or sooner if noise is audible from your engine’s timing system.


Timing Chain Hydraulic Tensioner: Lower
Timing Chain Tensioner Guide: Lower
Timing Chain Tensioner: Left Upper
Timing Chain Tensioner: Right Upper Chain
Timing Chain Guide Rail: Upper Left
Timing Chain Guide Rail: Lower Right
Timing Chain Guide Rail: Lower Left
Timing Chain Guide Rail: Center Upper
Lower Center Timing Chain
Right Camshaft Timing Chain
Timing Chain Guide Rail Right Upper: Right Camshaft Chain Lower
Timing Chain Guide Rail Right Upper: Right Camshaft Chain Upper
Left Camshaft Timing Chain
Center Timing Chain

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