0A3 Synchro (JHM-Performance) 1st-2nd Gear - EACH

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0A3 Synchro (JHM-Performance) 1st-2nd Gear, B6-B7 S4-RS4 - EACH 


JHM Performance Carbon Synchros:


We have been testing and abusing our JHM Performance Carbon Synchros for the 0A3 Transmission since 2013 in our Supercharged S4 and RS4s. We have been putting them to the ultimate test to make sure they can handle all the abuse we throw at them. We have improved upon the OEM Design featuring an improved coefficient of friction VS OEM which will result in better high RPM shifting. Our oiling grooves will provide better cooling to the synchros increasing the durability making them longer lasting. Best of all, they cost less than OEM synchros making these an incredible bang for your buck.


Fits all 0A3 transmissions found in the B6-B7 S4-RS4.

Is your transmission going bad? Do you have synchro issues and gear crunching? Do you have trouble getting into gear? Is your shifter randomly popping out of gear? If you want to fix your transmission issues right the first time then this is the rebuild kit for you!

- JHM-Performance 3-piece Synchronizer ring 1-2 (Sold Individually)

If you've got "crunching" while shifting or any of the symptoms described above, don't push the rebuild down the road and increase your costs when you finally rebuild the transmission. Look what happens to gears and collars when the symptoms are ignored: 

Audi Transmission Rebuilt, 0A3 MT 

ECONOMY 6TH GEAR OPTIONS: If you are looking for better fuel economy and/or a higher top speed in 6th gear, we have an option for you! The stock 6th gear is .78 and yields about 3200rpm at 80mph. Our Economy 6th gear featuring a ratio of .56 yields about 2300rpm at 80mph. Go back to the "Shifters, Trans., and Drivetrain Section" add this Economy Gear to your Cart! These gears are high quality OEM gears direct from Germany, not available in the United States. We have other ratios available for the other gears as well, please contact us for your custom needs. (Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on the gears, depending on current availability.)




The retail price on these from a dealer as of 8-1-2012 is over $2000 if you can get them to help you pick out rebuild parts and not just try to sell you a complete transmission. So you save almost $400 by going with our Rebuild Kit.

NOTE: Kits usually ship out from our location within 1 to 4 days depending on our current stock.

Audi Transmission Rebuilt, 0A3 MT 

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