MK7 GTI Water Methanol Injection Kit

MK7 GTI Water Methanol Injection Kit

Assembled by USP

  • $978.30 CAD

MFG# 30-3300KT7

Your MK7 GTI can benefit greatly from the addition of a water methanol injection kit. Sometimes referred to as a “chemical intercooler”, a water methanol injection kit injects a fine mist of water and methanol into your intake tract and cools air going into your engine. Since your engine will be consuming cooler air, ignition timing can be advanced resulting in an increase in horsepower and torque.

Several components are necessary to successfully install a water methanol injection kit on your MK7 GTI. USP has pieced together a convenient kit with everything needed including an AEM water methanol injection kit, Spulen throttle pipe with methanol bung, and a USP boost tap.

-Boost reference progressive methanol controller
- 1 gallon reservoir with low level indicator
- 3 methanol nozzles for fine tuning
- 2.5” diameter throttle body pipe
- Plug and play boost tap

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