AWE Tuning S5 4.2L Touring Edition Exhaust System - Polished Silver Tips

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Our Exhausts have earned praise from owners and the press alike, due to their unique "Jekyll and Hyde" personality...

Whether you’re looking for the roar of the AWE Track Edition or the more sophisticated tone of the AWE Touring Edition, this family of Exhausts affords a solution for every discerning S5 owner.


S5 4.2L Touring Edition Exhaust System

The more civilized member of the family is the S5 4.2L Touring Edition Exhaust. In addition to the central muffler from the Track Exhaust, our Touring Edition system features an x-pipe for enhanced exhaust scavenging and specially designed Helmholtz Resonators to produce the tone you want.

After install remarked from customer, “As I was leaving the shop, sure enough, I heard no drone thru the rpm range. 750-2500 rpm the sound has a smooth velvety tone... great for cruising. Once above 2500 rpm, this thing screams, and sounds like a pure european exotic.”

Highlights of both systems

Hand-crafted, every detail of these exhausts was labored over to ensure maximum performance and longevity:

  • + 18hp, +12tq at the crank
  • Available with Polished Silver or Diamond Black adjustable tips
  • Increased pipe diameter to 2.5” to better let the engine exhale
  • Engineered, developed, tested and manufactured in-house
  • Stainless steel center muffler with composite acoustical and stainless steel packing materials
  • Strategic elimination of mufflers to release tone
  • Thick .065" wall T-304 stainless steel tubing
  • High quality stainless steel band clamps
  • Lifetime Warranty


Both versions of the AWE S5 4.2L Exhaust System come with 90mm (3.5 inch) Slash Cut Tips, available in standard Polished Silver or Diamond Black finishes. The tips sport engraved AWE Tuning logos and are double walled to ensure a mirror polish, even under hard usage. Each tip is individually adjustable, so stagger and depth into bumper can be set according to personal taste.

AWE exhaust systems are hand built, are award winning works of art, and are what your Audi deserves.