H&R Sport Spring Kit | B7 Passat 2.5L | 1.8T | TDI

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MFG# 54763

Average lowering front: 1.5" rear: 1.3"

The most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will lower your vehicle for a lower center of gravity, improved handling, and a more aggressive appearance. Sport springs feature a spring rate that is firmer than that of the OE Sport spring but is still comfortable enough for daily use. Sport springs are an excellent choice for street and occasional track use.

FITS: B7 Passat 2012+ 2.5L, 1.8T and TDi models

Pictured with 20" wheels and H&R Sport Springs


H&R was founded by Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen in the 1970's with a simple idea in mind; with improved suspension, vehicles would have more control and better handling.