AWE Touring Edition Exhaust System for B8/8.5 S5 Cabrio (Exhaust + Non-Resonated Downpipes) - Diamond Black Tips

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SKU: 3415-43040 AWE

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Product Description

Welcome to the mothership of 3.0T exhausts.

Our 3.0T exhaust Systems represent the most difficult, yet most rewarding, exhaust development projects in our company history. The 3.0T systems have paved the way for future exhaust technologies that can now be found in most every AWE Tuning ® Exhaust product. We have spent considerable time and effort during development to achieve remarkable civility when idling and at part throttle cruising, while also producing a war-cry wail when full throttle is applied. Hand made in house one by one, these systems command respect without calling unwanted attention to themselves. Sophisticated, refined, and powerful, all at once.

Highlights of the S5 Cabrio 3.0T system

Hand-crafted, every detail of these exhausts was labored over to ensure maximum performance and longevity:

  • Featuring AWE Tuning 180 Technology™
  • + 8hp, +9tq at the crank
  • Increased pipe diameter to 2.5"