AWE Track Edition Exhaust for Audi S5 3.0T - Diamond Black Tips (90mm)

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Product Description

The lower priced sibling of our renowned Touring Edition Exhaust, the Track Edition Exhaust line up is made of the same quality 304 stainless, is crafted in house, and delivers the same power gains. The difference comes in the removal of AWE Tunings sound-cancelling rear-mufflers, which can be found on our.

This system will produce a louder tone in the mid range.

Highlights of the S5 3.0T Track Edition Exhaust systems

Hand-crafted, every detail of these exhausts was labored over to ensure maximum performance and longevity:

  • + 8hp, +9tq at the crank 
  • Louder in the mid range, at part throttle 
  • Increased pipe diameter to 2.5"