BBi Autosport Porsche 911 (996 / 997) Rear Toe Steer Kit

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Eliminate rear tire wear and unfavorable handling issues when running a modified suspension setup with BBi's Rear Toe Adjustment Kit. Many drivers often forget about the toe settings for their vehicle. While factory components offer some level of adjustability, these values only apply to the factory suspension system. When thinking of extensively modifying your 911s ride height, wheel track, or wheel size; a fully adjustable toe arm is required. BBi's Rear Toe arms use heim-joints providing easy and precise alignment control that the OEM arm simply can not offer.


Extract the maximum amount of handling performance from your 911. Mitigate rear tire wear and control issues improving driver control and road stability. Provides additional rear toe adjustment beyond OEM design. Reduces rear tire wear. Dial In Rear alignment and handling

BBi Autosport Porsche 911 (996 / 997) Rear Toe Steer Kit
  • Provides additional rear toe adjustment
  • OEM link is non adjustable and eccentric bolt provides limited adjustment range, causing excessive tire wear and handling issues.
  • Helps maintain proper rear end suspension geometry
  • Each kit includes pair of 2 Links