BMS Honda Turbo Intake

$239.99 CAD

Burger Motorsports

Option: Non-Si Factory Calibration

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More Air = More Power & Better Sound!

The BMS Honda Turbo Intake unlocks horsepower from your 2016+ Turbo Civic and Cr-V 1.5t by removing the restrictions in your factory intake while retaining as much of the well designed and high quality factory system as possible.

Our analysis revealed the restriction in the factory intake is actually the airbox top and small panel air filter. To eliminate these the BMS Honda Turbo Intake replaces the factory top and panel filter with a new CNC machined MAF housing and high flow inverted cone filter. Precise CNC machining allows the BMS MAF housing to provide level fuel trims without check engine lights, rough idle, and other problems commonly associated with other intakes. And ensures the BMS intake does not require tuning.

The BMS inverted cone filter sits partially inside the factory airbox bottom providing fresh ducted air as well as radiant heat protection. The factory inlet piping is actually very high flow so we retain that for a stock like look and ease of intake install/removal. The result of all this is dramatically improved intake flow without an increase in charge air temperatures.

In addition to the extra power provided your throttle response, turbo spool, and sound are dramatically improved, finally allowing you to hear your turbo spool up under heavy acceleration. This is really how your Civic should have come from the factory. Install takes only minutes and is fully reversible. Made in the USA.

We offer both factory calibrated units that provide perfect 0% fuel trims and RACE calibrated units that provide the highest level of airflow possible without triggering fault codes.

Optional: High flow intake tube upgrade to replace your factory accordion tube.

BMS Dual Cone Intake DCI

Features and Benefits

• Faster throttle response
• Faster turbo spool
• Improved intake sound
• CNC machined from billet aluminum
• Looks great under the hood
• Reusable/washable high flow filter
• Installs in minutes and is fully reversable 
• Retains factory cold air ducting / airbox bottom
• Made in the USA


Vehicle Fitment


  • 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Si & non-Si
  • 2017+ Honda CR-V 1.5T

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