BMW Clutch Kit - LuK 6233438000

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  • SKU: LUK-6233438000
  • Made in Hungary 
  • Quality: OE 

OE Numbers

21217523620, 21211223649, 21217500065, 21217505811, 21217515140, 21217523205

MFG Numbers

6233438000, 03-047

Product Information

228mm clutch set, comes with pressure plate, clutch disc, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch alignment tool

If your BMW's clutch has started to slip it will need to be replaced. Some owners will opt to simply replace the clutch disc but we always find it best to replace the entire clutch kit for the best service life and performance. We also recommend replacing the rear main seal.

FCP also recommends inspecting the flywheel for excessive wear. If the flywheel is worn we recommend replacing it at the same time as the clutch kit. This will ensure a long and reliable service life of your BMW's clutch.

Please note: This clutch kit is self adjusting. It historically included a shipping plate on the pressure plate. LuK may or may not be shipping the pressure plate with the shipping lock plate. Per LuK the shipping lock plate IS NOT required for proper installation of the clutch when new.

Clutch Kit

Clutch kits are made up of two main components, the clutch friction disc and the clutch pressure plate. Both of these components transfer torque from the flywheel to the transmission. There are several different types of manual transmission clutches in terms of operation but they all perform the same basic function.

Clutches are a pure wear item. In some cases you may have the option to replace a pressure plate or clutch disc separately but its always best to replace both at the same time along with other component such as the rear main seal, pilot bearing, release bearing, and shifter parts.

Clutch Kit Failure Symptoms
  • Slipping under acceleration
  • Engine revs freely but vehicle does not accelerate
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Squeaking noises whole clutch pedal is pressed
  • Sticky or spongy clutch pedal feel when clutch pedal pressed
  • Burning smell from slipping clutch

About LuK

LuK was founded in Germany in 1965. LuK invented the diaphragm spring clutch and today 1 in 4 cars have a LuK clutch. As a key source for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive clutch, torque converter, hydraulic and transmission systems, LuK is a brand respected for innovation and quality. In fact, LuK recently brought the double-clutch transmission with components for continuously variable transmissions into the auto market.

LuK is part of Schaeffler Technologies, a renowned supplier and industry leader in the manufacturing of OEM and aftermarket automotive parts under the brands INA, FAG and LuK. They are one of the largest German and European industrial companies with family ownership, with 180 locations, presently, in over 50 countries. We offer LuK's full line of OE and OEM components for your European vehicle.

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