BMW Shock Absorber - Bilstein B4 Touring 19-135021

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  • SKU: BIL-19135021
  • Made in Germany 
  • Quality: OEM 

OE Numbers

33526771725, 33526781200, 33526773254, 33526768663, 33526779985, 33526773253, 33526768662, 33526784977, 33526796469, 33526796470, 33526772926

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Product Information

Bilstein B4 replacement shock absorber

If your BMW's ride has lost its quality (bounces over bumps, suspension noises, handling degradation, etc) it may be time to replace your shock absorbers. The most common sign of a failed shock absorber is when you can find noticeable leaks. Less common failure signs are play within the shock shaft and body of the shock.

Per BMW is it required to replace the bump stop when installing new shock absorbers. Additionally, FCP recommends replacing shock absorbers in matched pairs as well as replacement of the shock mounts themselves.

WARNING: Proposition 65 information
Shock Absorber

If your suspension is feeling "bouncy" or "loose" it can likely be attributed to blown or worn shock absorbers. The purpose of shock absorbers is to dampen the recoil of the coil spring as your travel over dips and bumps in the road.

Shock Absorber Failure Symptoms
  • Noise from front end over bumps
  • Squeaks
  • Leaks
  • Poor Handling
  • Harsh ride

About Bilstein B4 OE Replacement

Bilstein shocks and strut perform due to their larger piston area and quality manufacturing. Bilstein shocks eliminate dead spots, and deliver extremely responsive valving for superior performance and handling, including consistent, fade-free damping and shorter braking distance. Made only from the highest quality materials, Bilstein shocks reduced valve fatigue means they last much longer than standard stock replacement components. Bilstein Touring (B4): The Bilstein B4 Series provides the same OEM quality and ride stability for the aftermarket. Bilstein uses both monotube and twin-tube technology to give the best in OE replacement driving comfort at a great economical price. This class shock is considered by FCP to be a stock replacement or “one step up” from factory replacement shocks.

Features and Benefits

  • Constant damping characteristics under any load
  • Consistent performance and handling give the vehicle a new car feel every time
  • Proven BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • High OEM quality standards