Complete Carbon Cleanup Kit: 3.0T FSI

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Shortly after the release of direct injection engines in several VW and Audi vehicles, USP identified a serious design flaw in these engines, carbon build up. Since fuel is injected directly into the engine’s combustion chamber instead of into the intake manifold, carbon from the combustion chamber begins to build up on the top of the intake valves as well as the intake ports in the cylinder head. Carbon build up causes numerous issues on direct injection engines including misfires, delayed throttle response, poor gas mileage, and decreased power.

Traditional fuel injection cleaners, service procedures, and gasoline with additives have no effect on direct injection engines since the fuel is injected after the intake valves. The only sure way to rid your engine of carbon build up is to remove the intake manifold and manually clean the intake valves and intake ports. This may seem like a huge undertaking however, if you are mechanically inclined and have a few hours to spare you can perform this job yourself.

USP has performed these carbon cleanup services for years in our service facility and have identified all the needed components necessary to rid your engine of carbon build up. Each kit is custom tailored to your specific engine and includes everything needed to perform a carbon cleanup. Included are stainless steel brushes, scraping picks, nitrile gloves, non-chlorinated brake cleaner, shop towels, and an intake manifold gasket. Through years of experience, USP carefully selected each brush and pick included in the kit to allow for easy and maximum carbon removal. Perform your own carbon cleanup today and regain lost power and gas mileage and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

(3) Stainless steel wire brushes
(2) Scraping picks
(1) Non-chlorinated brake cleaner
(2) Nitrile gloves
(3) Shop towels
(1) Intake manifold gasket set

Note: Tools needed to remove the intake manifold are not included.

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