CTS Turbo K03/K04-0064 Turbo Blanket

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SKU: CTS-TB-B-03 CTS Turbo

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CTS Turbo Blankets isolate the heat produced by your K03 or K04-0064 turbocharger with the purpose of reducing turbo lag, cooler air intake temperatures, protecting and prolonging engine components, and giving a boost in horsepower.  In keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the hot side of the turbocharger and away from the cool side of the turbocharger and the intake path, more oxygen per unit volume reaches the engine, and thus, more power.

This turbo blanket fits all K04 and K03 equipped 2.0T FSI and TSI/TFSI engines with EA113, EA888.1 and EA888.2 engines.

CTS Turbo Blanket Heat Tolerance:

Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 2100 Deg F
Continuous Use Limit: 1800 Deg F

Exterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 800 Deg F  
Radiant Heat Limit: 1200 Deg F