4 x Siemens 630cc & Walbro Inline Kit Special

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This package is geared towards the enthusiast upgrading their 1.8T with a "big turbo".  This package includes 4 630cc siemens deka fuel injectors, some of the finenst injectors you can add to your 1.8T, along with a tried and tested Walbro 255LPH inline fuel pump.

Siemens 630cc Injectors:
-High Impedence
-Flow rate: 60lbs/hr or 630cc / min @ 43.5psi fuel pressure
-Wide Angle spray pattern (ideal for multivalve heads)
-Excellent for 5V per cylinder engines (1.8T, 2.7T)
-For use with Unitronics 630cc 1.8T Big turbo files
Walbro 255LPH Inline fuel pump (turbo applications):
This pump is ideal for high HP street/race applications. Add this in-line to work in conjunction with your stock or Walbro in-tank pump. This pump is capable of supporting over 500CHP with the proper lines, injectors, and fuel rail. Can be used with an in-tank pump, or by itself. This pump includes universal install kit: 5/16" hose barb fittings, mounting clamps, and insulating case.