Tension Strut Ball Joint Kit for BMW F10 M5 F06 F12 F13 M6

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SKU: D280-0016 Dinan

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MFG# D280-0016

The Dinan Tension Strut Ball Joint Kit provides responsiveness you can feel by replacing the rubber bushings in the thrust arms with precision ball joints and machined aluminum housings. Improves responsiveness by eliminating the deflection inherent in the stock rubber bushings while also reducing brake shimmy. The quietest bearings on the market are virtually noise free so you can live with them everyday. These are the only bearings on the market that are sealed using a rubber boot to keep out dirt and road grime stopping them from wearing out prematurely.

Benefits of the Dinan Tension Strut Ball Joint Kit for the F10 M5 & F06 F12 F13 M6:

+ Improved Steering Responsiveness
+ Reduces Brake Shimmy
+ Nylon-lined Bearings for Quiet Operation
+ Machined Aluminum Housings
+ Sealed Bearings