Dinan Big Turbo for the BMW N55 Engine (MWG)

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MFG# D310-0115

Kit only compatible with mechanial / pneumatic wastegate vehicles. There is a seperate kit (D310-0110) for cars equipped with an electronic wastegate. 

Hardware supplied in the base turbo kit is only complete when installing on a RWD vehicle. If vehicle is an xDrive vehicle then additional hardware is required to complete installation. We offer Dinan P/N D313-0117 for those cases.

For the racing enthusiast or those just looking for the best, this is the ultimate upgrade to fully maximize the power output of your MWG N55 engine. The compressor wheel inside the turbocharger is increased in size allowing ~30% greater flow thus enabling additional boost pressures at higher engine speeds while retaining efficiency. These aren't standard rebuilds but rather brand new units with a new stock turbine custom cast and manufactured with an upgraded thrust system to ensure reliable and prolonged life. In order to attain maximum advertised power gains these big turbos will need to be paired with DINANTRONICS Stage 4, as well as Dinan’s intercooler to fully regulate the boost increase and deliver a polished product although the exhaust and intake is also recommended. 

Benefits of the Dinan Big Turbo for the MWG N55 Engine:

+ No core charge or core return is required.
+ Brand new upgraded turbo that is custom cast and manufactured with an upgraded thrust system. 
+ Larger billet compressor/impeller wheel that allows ~30% greater flow over stock which then enables additional boost to be realized while retaining efficiency.
+ Brand new stock turbine. 
+ Turbo assembly is compatible with mechanical/vacuum wastegate vehicles only.
+ Peak power: 428 HP @ 5500 RPM and 443 ft-lbs @ 4500 RPM and a max gain of 122 HP @ 6000 RPM and 107 ft-lbs @ 6000 RPM when coupled with other Dinan Performance upgrades (Data from F30 335i MWG w/ MPPK and automatic transmission. Other variants may produce different results). 
+ Dinan Installation instructions detail a procedure which is quicker than BMW's turbo replacement procedure saving the end-user money and time at the shop (Applicable to RWD vehicles only). 
+ Includes o-rings and gaskets needed for complete installation on a RWD vehicle only. If installing on an xDrive vehicle Dinan P/N D313-0117 is required for additional installation hardware.
+ Factory matching new car warranty (4yr/50k) when run in Dinan specification
+ 50 State Emissions legal; CARB EO # D-176-49.