Downpipe Flange, Adapter, Bolt On (PAIR) for RS6 or RS6-R Turbos to Use K03-K04 Downpipes

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This is a universal flange that will allow you to run RS6 style turbos (with OEM RS6 turbine bolt patterns) on your current K03-K04 flanged downpipes. Just bolt these flanges to the back of your turbos! Sealing of the gaskets is not compromised for either turbo.


These flanges allow for maximum flexibility when upgrading your turbos! If your turbos go out and you're looking to upgrade to our RS6-Rs (but don't have money for a full exhaust system) you can just get these flanges and bolt them to your turbos! Then, when you're ready to go full exhaust, you can upgrade your downpipes to any style flange on the market - even if they don't have an RS6 style flange!


Parts Included: 
- 2x JHM Bolt On K04 Downpipe to RS6 Turbo Adapter Flange (Stainless Steel) 
- 2x K04 Downpipe Flange Gasket 
- 4x Studs for Turbo to Downpipe Connection (Longer to accommodate the spacer) 
- 4x JHM Bolts for Flange to Turbo Mounting


NOT Included: 
- RS6 Turbo to Downpipe Flange Gasket (This is included with our Hardware Kit or Sold Separately. You can purchase this in the same section).


Note on Fitment of Flange: These flanges are 6.5mm thick. The gaskets are under 1mm thick when compressed. We have verified fitment of these with Stock Downpipes, 034Motorsport 3" Downpipes, and the JHM 2.5" Downpipes we sell (made by Techtonics Tuning). The downpipes will move back from the motor about 7mm so customers just need to make sure there is enough clearance from the donwpipe to the body for this and that their primary oxygen sensors are still accessible from the top of the motor. Any quality downpipe should have ample clearance for these and work well. If you have no room left in the adjustment of your cat back to be pushed back towards the front of your car (most do), then you can just cut 7mm off of the end of your downpipes. These flanges will actually ADD clearance to the aluminum transmission mount brackets by pushing the DPs rearward. These are purchased by the consumer at their own risk since we can't verify build quality and consistency of another company's downpipes. We have verified these on as many cars and downpipes as we could and have had NO issues.


NOTE: These flanges are priced FOR A PAIR of two.


This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi RS4 B5 (1999-2001) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi A6 C5 (1998-2004) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi allroad C5 (2001-2005) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi S4 B5 (1997-2002) 2.7t V6 30v