BFI BMW E36/E46/E9x M3 Engine Mount - Stage 1

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After a lenghty period of design and testing we are proud to announce the release of our complete replacement engine mount for BMW E36, E46 and (E9x M3) vehicles.

This mount is designed to fit 4, 6 and 8 cylinder BMWs. Fitments include E36 all engines, E46 all engines and E9x - M3 only.

This mount will completely replace your old, tired, hydraulic engine mount. In its factory form, the engine mount is fluid filled by BMW to aid in creating a softer, cushier ride.

This softness is a detriment to performance and overall longevity as the fluid within the mount can often cause premature failure. We eliminate this possibility by replacing the mount completely with our proprietary bushing and bracket/Cup design.

Maximizing bushing area while trying to minimize vibration where possible gives our mount the advantage of having the best ride characteristics possible from a urethane bushing mount.


Utilizing laser scanning technology - we are the first to offer a solution that exceeds factory fit and finish with each mount. All bosses and recesses are matched replicas of the stock locations, and all tool clearances and specs are maintained.

We are the first to develop a fully billet replacement mount for these BMW applications that retains the use of factory heat shield elements. The use of billet aluminum creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the cast rubber stock mount.

Get the performance of a solid mount, with the streetability and driving characteristics of a bushed mount.

Stage 1 with its 65a durometer bushings are recommended for 4 cylinder applications and are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations.