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If you want sound with your performance (or performance with your sound!), Go Fast Bits’ VTA delivers just that! By combining the proven performance benefits of their ground-breaking DV+ with atmosphere venting, the VTA delivers an aggressive blow-off sound, improved throttle response and boost recovery, as well as superior boost holding and reliability in extreme conditions.

The weak part of the factory diverter has always been the plastic valve mechanism and this is the part the VTA replaces. The VTA features CNC machined billet components that last a lifetime, and the valve operation method is changed for better performance. The factory diverter valve can only operate in two states: open or closed. When it opens fully at low boost, or during a partial throttle lifts mid-corner, it causes increased lag and a noticeably non-linear boost transition.

Go Fast Bits pioneered the use of “pilot operation” in the DV+, which works by re-purposing the factory solenoid to control the pressure behind the piston rather than the piston itself. This allows the solenoid stroke to be much shorter, speeding up the response time and increasing the actuation force. More importantly, it allows the piston to open and close progressively in response to the amount of boost pressure present, which smooths boost transitions and reduces the lag caused by the factory diverter valve.

It is this design philosophy that makes the VTA not only the best performing blow off valve solution, but also the best value on the market.

Application: Audi/Volkswagen 2.0T FSI & TSI Applications

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