GEN 4 Switchable Haldex Controller

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SKU: Haldex.G4 HPA

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While sharing the OE and RACE modes of the Generation 2 controller, the Generation 4 controller replaces SPORT mode with ECO mode.

Eco mode was developed for increased fuel efficiency. Its purpose is to reduce the torque transfer from front to rear during normal highway driving (coasting), but will immediately engage the system if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction situations. This mode is recommended to be used when 4 wheel drive is not a high priority.

By default, the controller is designed to be in Race mode. With the installation of a wireless receiver and remote, you can have instant access to all three of the programs built into the controller; Stock, Race, and Eco.


0BR Couplings Audi A3, S3, TT, TTS Quattro

0BS Couplings: Passat 4-motion

0AY Couplings: Tiguan

0BY Couplings: Audi TTRS Quattro:

Confirm which coupling your vehicle uses before ordering.