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HPA's state of the art cast short runner intake manifold with integrated air-to-water intercooler brings OEM and Aftermarket one step closer together. Designed as an all-in-one unit, this intake will offer the shortest intercooled boost track possible for any FI application on the 3.2 VR6.

This all-aluminum air-to-liquid system works by transferring the charge air heat (from turbocharger or supercharger) to a liquid coolant, which is then pumped through a remotely located heat exchanger, where ambient cooling air removes the heat.

Ideal for daily driving, stop and go, or track usage, this liquid cooled short runner intake assembly allows you to tune the 3.2 VR6 around a consistent intake temperature, maximizing your HP and Torque potential. The cooler core is rated for 700hp.


- Cooler core built by Bell, highest quaity North American made.
- Shortest intercooled boost track vs. typical side mount or front mount solutions means reduced throttle lag and better turbo eficiencies
- Aftercool post throttle offers maxumum boost to throttle response and zero lag.
- Flexible and modular system can accomodate larger coolant resevoir for track usage
- Runs a mix of water and antifreeze 
- Tube and fin design to mantain air flow pressure.

Auxiliary components for this system sold separately:

Charge Air Cooling Kit  - Everything you need to get your Liquid Cooled Integrated SRI up and running

Charge Air Cooling Install Kit - CAD designed brackets for model specific fitment of the Charge Air Cooling Kit

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