JHM High Pressure-Mechanical Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit, HPFP for Audi and VW 2.0T FSI

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Introducing the JHMotorsports, Inc. High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade for the 2.0T FSI Motors!!!

Our brand new, JHM High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Upgrade will help you get the most out of the direct injection fueling system on your 2.0T FSI. Not only does the upgrade increase the amount of fuel your high pressure fuel pump can deliver but it will also decrease the duty cycle of the N276 solenoid on your pump. Lowering the duty cycle of the N276 will extend the life of this solenoid - an item that commonly fails on these pumps but isn't available separately. We tested these upgraded internals on stock ECU tuning and our standard "Stage 1" ECU tuning and found that there were no issues. So, even a standard stock or Stage 1 car will see benefits from running these internals; not only do you extend the life of the N276 solenoid since it's not working as hard but you already have an upgraded HPFP giving you more headroom in your fueling system should you decide to do more modifications.

In true JHM fashion, we have been performing long term testing on these parts since 2013. These upgraded internals were featured on our JHM B7-A4 2.0T Stage 3 car which ran a 12.87 second quarter mile at 106 miles per hour.

Our HPFP Upgrade will fit all all Audis and Volkswagens with Hitachi High Pressure Fuel Pumps. This includes the Audi B7-A4 2.0T FSI, B7-RS4 4.2L FSI V8, B8-S5 4.2L FSI V8 and Volkswagen Mark V and VI GTIs and GLIs with the 2.0T FSI. This upgrade does not fit newer TSI motors with Bosch pumps.

NOTE: This is the JHM HPFP Upgrade for the 2.0T FSI motors. If you are interested in the upgrade kit for your 4.2L V8 FSI, please go back to the "Engine and Performance" section of the RS4 or S5 or search our website for "JHM HPFP V8".



NOTE: JHM Internals shown pre-installed in pump.

- Piston has 50% more area than OEM (OEM Piston Size: 8.0mm versus JHM Piston Size: 9.8mm) 
- Piston head optimized for ideal fuel flow direction 
- Piston surface hardened before coating 
- Piston machined after coating 
- Upgraded spring, slightly stiffer than OEM for improved high RPM piston stability 
- Uses OEM-style spring keeper

- 1x Upgraded Piston w/ Directional Flow Head 
- 1x Upgraded Spring 
- 1x Spring Keeper and Tappet Assembly 
- 1x Piston Cylinder or Sleeve 
- 1x Installation tool

FITMENT: The JHM High Pressure Fuel Pump Internals Upgrade Kit will fit all 2.0T FSI motors with the Hitachi fuel pumps. Basically, ALL 2.0T FSI motors with a timing belt (as opposed to a timing chain). This includes - but is not limited to - the following cars: 
- Audi B7-A4 (BPG, BWT engine codes) 
- Audi 8P A3-S3 
- Audi Mark II TT 
- Volkswagen Mark V GTIs, GLIs, Jetta 
- Volkswagen Mark VI Golf R 
- Volkswagen B6 Passat

NOTE: Does not fit the newer Audi-VW cars with "TSI" motors and Bosch high pressure pumps.