JHM Lightweight Battery Relocation Kit for B6-B7 A4-S4

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**Introducing the JHM Lightweight Battery Relocation Kit for the B6-B7 S4 and A4!!!**


This has been a project that we have had conceptualized and built for several years now. The development of our Air to Water Intercooler setup for our V8 Supercharger Kits forced us to get these kits to market. Now you can reap the benefits from our extensive research and development for the B6-B7 S4 and B7-RS4 and get this kit on your car!


This Battery Relocation Kit comes with everything you need to replace your incredibly heavy, OEM battery with a lightweight battery and relocate it to the trunk of your B6-B7 S4 or A4. This kit will fit ANY B6 or B7 A4 or S4. Depending on the battery currently in your car (OEM or replacement "brand-x" lead-acid battery with a lower CCA rating than stock), our Lightweight Battery Kit will net you a weight savings of anywhere from 17.5 pounds to 27 pounds. **NOTE: JHM has seen a wide range of batteries on the B6-B7 chassis cars that can weigh anywhere from 45 to 60 lbs. Additionally, relocating your battery to the rear of the car in the spare tire well gives you a better front to rear weight distribution allowing for better handling performance.


You can use the JHM Lightweight Battery Relocation Kit to install almost any battery in the trunk of your car. We selected the Optima Yellow Top battery because it provided the best compromise between weight loss and daily drivability. We have used this kit to run MUCH lighter batteries but if you're not driving on the highway for extended periods of time, these smaller batteries may not accommodate your daily driving needs.


We have the battery located in the spare tire well of the trunk. This puts the weight of the battery as low as possible in the car in order to achieve the most improvement in handling. However, our kit allows for some customization and gives you the ability to mount a lightweight battery almost anywhere in the trunk. Mounting the battery in the spare tire well does eliminate the ability to put a spare tire in your car. Since our JHM Lightweight Battery kit emulates the OEM battery setup of the RS4, we also decided to adopt Audi's OEM spare tire replacement strategy - but at a non-OEM price! We recommend purchasing a "Slime" based emergency tire repair kit (a "poor man's" version of the OEM Kit in the RS4). These can be found in the "Tools and Cables" section of our store or by searching our website for "Replacement Spare Tire Kit".


- Weight savings of up to 27 pounds. 
- Better front to rear weight distribution for increased handling performance 
- Purchasing this kit gets you one of the key components of the Air to Water Intercooler Kit required in our Supercharger Kits allowing for easier upgrading in the future.


PARTS INCLUDED: This kit does not come with a lightweight battery and is for those customers who already have a battery or prefer to run a battery on than the Optima Yellow Top battery. If you're looking to purchase this kit WITH an Optima Yellow Top battery, please go back one section and select our "w/ Battery" kit. 
- 1x Positive Battery Cable (pre-crimped and pre-cut) for routing to trunk 
- 1x Negative-Ground Battery Cable (pre-crimped and pre-cut) 
- 1x JHM Positive Cable Junction Block with mounting hardware (no cutting of factory cable!) 
- 1x JHM Battery Strap for Optima Yellow Top Batteries with mounting harware 
- 6x Cable straps for securing battery cables 
- Also included, extra mounting kit parts and tray for larger batteries


- For some installation notes and a set of labeled pictures detailing the installation of this kit, please click HERE 
NOTE: If you plan on using this kit to install a lead acid battery, you must have the battery in a sealed box and vent the box to the outside of the vehicle. If you are using this Battery Relocation Kit in a race car, please check with your racing sanctioning body for the exact rules and safety requirements for battery boxes.

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