LP550/560/570 V10 TS-760 supercharger system


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One of the most sophisticated supercharger systems we have designed to date is our twin screw powered Lamborghini Gallardo 5.2 V10 system adding approx 200hp and 190lbs of torque to one of the best performance vehicles ever made. We have taken an already potent platform to the next level with state of the art engineering and OEM level software tuning. Whether a customer wants to take their Gallardo 5.2 to the race track or for a spin around town this kit provides OEM level reliability and drivability with performance levels found only in the most modern super exotics.Instant torque from idle and massive gains throughout the entire RPM band creates a feeling of endless and wild power that is hard to match in the automotive world.

Available for all Gallardo 5.2 V10 models equipped with manual or automatic transmission. Our supercharger system utilizes a Whipple 2.9L lag free twin-screw supercharger capable producing over 1000HP and cooled with our high capacity air to water cooling system. Engine calibration software is included in this package with an ECU OBD2 E-flash cable or in-house bench flash.

Professional installation is required.

-Rated power 760chp
-Installation time 45-50 hrs
-Powered by Whipple 2.9L twin screw
-Boost 7-8 psi
-Air/water intercooled
-No SC maintenance required
-Stock air boxes used with K&N insert filter assemblies.
-Includes ECU software and full step-by-step installation manual
-2009/2010 models are E-flash compatible (OBD2 port flash)
-2011 and newer cars require ECU to be sent in for programming
-OBD emissions compliant
-Designed for manual and R-Tronic/S-Tronic transmission
-2-year, unlimited mileage warranty