Track Pack Software

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The P3 "Track Pack" software upgrade is available for most Multi-Gauges and adds the following parameters to your readouts -

- Air/Fuel ratio (AFR)

- 0-100 MPH timer

- 60-130 MPH timer

- 100-0 MPH braking timer

- 60-0 MPH braking timer

To access additional timers, go to the 0-60 timer like normal and then use the LEFT button to cycle through the different timers. Please allow each title to cycle all the way through before advancing to the next timer.

This software is a plug and play chip that replaces the current chip in your control box. No additional sensors or wiring are required. Please see installation video above.

Supports most 2006+ vehicles. If you are unsure if your vehicle is supported or not, please contact us.

NOTE: For Multi-Gauge only. Diesel engines not supported.