Park Auto Motorsports/ E Tuners Remote Tuning Device

$399.99 CAD

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Reading and writing through OBD

Direct connection to the vehicle through OBD Port.

 Up to 5 different remapping files

Besides the Original File of the vehicle, you can store up to 5 other different remapping files. 

Original File of the ECU always available!

Your customer will be able to return the ECU to factory settings at any time, thanks to the Original File stored in the Device

 Quick and easy configuration

Standard connection through USB port to the PC to configure the tools.


  1. Connect the device to your vehicle’s OBD port and extract a copy of the stock file located in the ECU.
  2. Send the stock original file to your TUNER for your custom file modification.
  3. Load your TUNED file into your unit from your PC with the supplied USB cables and then you are ready to flash the modified file back into your ECU via the OBD port.