K04 | K03 Turbocharger Gasket Installation Kit for B5 S4 2.7T

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Complete gasket and bolt kit for 2.7T Turbocharger install. Kit has everything you need and more to swap in a new K03 or K04 turbo on your Audi 2.7T engine.

Includes extra O-Rings most kits do not include!

Kit includes:
(8) Turbo to Catalyst Studs - N90778701 (Genuine Audi)
(6) Turbo to Manifold Bolts - N0147215 (Genuine Audi)
(2) Oil Drain Line Gaskets - 058145757C (Elwis Brand)
(2) Oil Return Line O-Rings - 078145757 (Genuine Audi)
(2) Turbo Inlet O-Rings - 078133148A (Genuine Audi)
(2) Turbo to Manifold Gasket Rings - 078145039 (Made in Spain)
(2) Turbo to Catalyst Gaskets - 8D0253115F (Victor Reinz)
(8) Downpipe Locking Nuts - N10209009 (Febi Brand)
(4) Oil Feed Line Sealing Washers - N0138076 (Genuine Audi)
(8) Coolant Line Sealing Washers - RAL14X18
(4) Oil Supply Line Sealing Washers - 110.353 (RCS12X16)

FITS all 2.7T engines 2000-2002 Audi S4 and Audi A6 2.7T and Allroad 2.7T