Silicone Hose Upgrade for Basic SAi Delete Kit

$126.48 CAD

SKU: SAI_Silicone_Upgrade-1 Urotuning

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This is the Silicone Hose upgrade kit for the Basic SAI delete kit. If you have already purchased the Basic Kit with rubber hose you can purchase this kit to change the hoses out for the higher quality and nice look black Silicone.


- Silicone hoses for Catch Can (19mm-3/4")

- Silicone brake booster hose (13mm-1/2")

- Silicone vacuum hose (4mm-5/32")

- Silicone hose breather hose pieces (early or late style)

NOTE: Be sure to select early (pre-2003) or late (2003-up) style from the option above. There is a split in the 2002/2003 model year for the valve cover connection size. Late model cars can be identified by a smaller vacuum port next to the main breather hose port on the driver side of the valve cover. Late model kits will ship with a reducing hose for the valve cover hose. If you have any questions at all please let us know.