SPULEN Quick Change Short Shifter - 6spd

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MFG# SE-018

A shifter with short throws gives you more control, more speed and more enjoyment during spirited driving or just getting to work. The Spulen Quick Change Short Shifter, available from USP Motorsports, can shorten your shift throw up to 40 percent on any VW 6-speed manual transmission.

What is a short shifter? It does what it says by shortening how far you have to move your shift lever to change gears. Here’s the best way to describe short shifting: Shift, snick, go! The Spulen Engineering short shift is a ticket to a sports car feel every time you shift your VW or Audi. You’ll select gears more quickly and more precisely. If you can’t imagine needing a short shifter, take our word for it: This GTI short shifter kit is a gotta-have upgrade.

Spulen Short Shifter Components

Spulen engineered the short shifter for the GTI MK4, MK5, MK6, MK7, Golf R and many more VW and Audi vehicles. Some parts already in your 6-speed-equipped VW or Audi get reused with the short shifter install. The kit matches perfectly. The short shift kit fits all types of VW and Audi 6-speed manual transmissions, including the 02M and 02Q, because it has three retaining posts — use the one appropriate to your model — and has everything else you need:

  • Quick Change Shifter
  • Ball retaining post
  • 8.3mm retaining post
  • 9.9mm retaining post
  • Retaining nut

Adjustable Short Shifter

This short shifter is adjustable, so we’re certain it will give your 6-speed transmission exactly the feel you want. You can decide how much you want to shorten the throw before you tighten the last retaining nut. If shifting becomes too short or too notchy, just pop the hood, readjust and retighten. You will get the gear selector feel you’re looking for.

Installation is easy if you follow the installation video guide by USP Motorsports. You’ll need straight-forward tools: a 3/8-inch ratchet, 13mm deep socket, small hammer or mallet, ratchet extension of 20 inches or greater, and a pair of needle nose pliers. You’ll also need an hour, because that’s about all the time this upgrade takes.

In return, you get precise, fast, short-throw shifting for your GTI, Jetta, or Golf R. Our “Choose Your Vehicle” app on this page helps you make sure the Spulen short shifter kit fits your car. To get the most, you may also want to increase leverage by adding a billet shift knob in black, also available in red, gold, silver or chrome.

Installation Video Guide:

Application Notes: Fits all 6spd 02M and 02Q transmissions

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