Spulen Billet O2 Sensor Extender

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MFG# SE-080

On most modern vehicles the engine computer (ECU) is equipped with two oxygen sensors (O2) for diagnostic purposes. The first O2 sensor is located before the catalytic converter and used to monitor the engine's air/fuel ratio. The Spulen O2 sensor extender installs on the engine's second O2 sensor which is responsible for monitoring the catalytic converter. By spacing the second O2 sensor out of the exhaust’s path, the likelihood of a check engine light (CEL) being triggered is greatly reduced. Recommend on all vehicles with a test-pipe of high flow catalytic converter, installs in minutes. This extender will fit most O2 sensors with 18mm thread size. 


- Fixes CEL (check engine light) in most cases

- Lifetime Warranty

The spacer will move the oxygen sensor outwards 2". Please verify clearance before ordering.

Please note, threads should always be coated with a quality anti-seize.